House Keeping & Maintenance Services

The most important for any Hotel is to ensure a High Quality Guest Experience and the resultant high Guest satisfaction index. The most essential ingredients for the same are a Clean Living Space without the hassles of having to battle with mal-functions, this is only possible to ensure based on quality Housekeeping and Maintenance Services. We offer a comprehensive outsourcing solution, to rid hotels of the rigor of managing these cumbersome functions on their own, while leaving them to our professional and well trained teams.

The shopping experience of visitors to Malls and Luxury Retail Outlets is completely dependent on the visual appeal and ambience. Our well equipped and trained teams are the perfect prescription to ensure just that.

Ambience is an essential ingredient to productivity, our teams are impeccably trained to ensure work place hygiene and ambience to optimize results.

When it comes to ensuring maintenance services and ambience, luxury homes can be the most demanding, since the well heeled are the most demanding when it comes to their living spaces. Our teams are carefully trained to interface with the family and understand the perspective and requirements of each family member, while creating detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), to ensure the highest quality, error-free delivery of services to delivery services beyond expectation to achieve a situation of “Customer Delight”.